Riviera BaSE (Basic School Education)

Basic School Education at Riviera covers from Grade One to Grade Eight of school education as recently designed by the government. The Riviera BaSE is fully handled by highly professional, well trained and experienced teachers. Riviera BaSE practices learners-centered value based education system. The school has adopted the 'putting students first' philosophy in its teaching-learning prospects. It helps them to explore their potentialities and to transfer the acquired knowledge into skill for achieving the best result. On the other hand, value based education educates children about their moral, social, and cultural values that makes them disciplined and responsible. Riviera Base is endowed with all the infrastructures and technologies that are used to make students competitive in a contemporary society. It has well furnished classrooms, full-fledged library, well-equipped science lab, computer lab with twenty-four hour access to internet and email facilities and necessary audiovisual aids for teaching and learning process. Riviera BaSE prepares students to take the challenge for leadership at all spheres of society amidst their contemporaries.