• Riviera Shuttle Service - For those children who are residing somehow in distance from Riviera, Riviera provides transportation facilities in a nominal cost.

  • Riviera Sports - Besides regular sports activities within the school premises, Riviera has also managed Swimming and Horse Riding program for its students in a nominal additional cost.

  • Riviera Recreation Class - Riviera has facilitated its student's creativity to come out through music, dancing and painting class. All these class run regularly within school premises.
  • Yoga & Meditation - To promote inner enlightenment and keep sound mental and physical health among students, Riviera has been conducting regular yoga and meditation class.

  • Riviera Health Program - Riviera runs regular health education, tips and check up programs by medical personnel in school premises.

  • Riviera Hostel - Riviera provides hostel and day boarders service for its students in a well furnished, safe and well supervised accommodation with hygienic, healthy balanced food service. Hostel Students are facilitated with extra hour tuitions and mentoring.

  • Riviera Food Court - Riviera entertain its students and staff with best, safe, healthy and hygienic food service through its Food Court situated within the school premises. Non-Hostel students also can have foods from the Food Court in exchange of lunch coupon.